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Date 2020-05-18.22:08:32
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I propose to rename "cpython/initconfig.h" to "cpython/cpython_initconfig.h".

#include "cpython/initconfig.h"

would become:

#include "cpython/cpython_initconfig.h"

So it becomes possible to include a cpython_xxx.h header from another cpython_xxx.h header (as done py cpython/pystate.h which includes cpython/initconfig.h).


Maybe a simpler change is simply to remove #include "cpython/initconfig.h" from cpython/pystate.h. Currently, cpython/pystate.h is included indirectly by Python.h at line 137, whereas cpython/initconfig.h is included by Python.h at line 135 (two lines before).

C extensions must include "Python.h" first and when "Python.h" is used, pystate.h gets the cpython/initconfig.h definitions as expected.
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