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Date 2020-05-17.09:33:17
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Thanks for exhaustive response!

The way how I understand this is it might be beneficial to extend request to get text representation of file attributes on other architectures.

I didn't know about statx() syscall. From what I can tell there is no binary, similar to 'stat', that would print attributes of a file in a text form.

I guess there is no common way to print those attributes from statx()?


I see that filemode() works consistently across platforms even on Windows. I guess I could use this everywhere:



And finally modes on Windows won't be ever complete in filemode() because of lack of file modes. I still have some approximation with users' mode (rwx):


To get:

r - as readable file or link
w - as not readonly
x - executable by file extension


Is that accurate summary? I'm wondering if it would make sense to rename this issue to leave out Windows?
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