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Date 2020-05-11.08:50:15
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Shutil's which implementation does not work correctly when someone set's empty item in `PATHEXT` environment variable. Example:


I'm not 100% sure how I got this in my PATHEXT config, I wasn't changing that so maybe some bugged uninstaller not removed it's extension correctly.

This makes things confusing as Windows will find correctly binary, but Python will return nothing, due to this part:

if any(cmd.lower().endswith(ext.lower()) for ext in pathext):
            files = [cmd]

pathext is initialized as `pathext = os.environ.get("PATHEXT", "").split(os.pathsep)`, which ends producing '' as last element

Because any string ends with empty string (''), files list will have plain version added like `git`, which will then fail executable check.

Workaround is to use full name `git.exe`

Filtering out empty strings would fix that.
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