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Of course, I thought that

2. inspect.getdoc() returns the object's own docstring.

means it returns the object's own docstring _if it has one_. If it doesn't, then it should still return the docstring of its class, of course!

I have no problem with the fact that help(1) gives the same help as help(int). Of course, same as with the above (subclasses), we might want to emphasize the fact that the help is for the class and not for the object itself, but just returning nothing is in no way an improvement.

Guido, load is probably from Pandas, df is a relatively standard abbreviation for "dataframe" (an instance of a class DataFrame, with many various methods), and obj?? in Jupyter opens the help for obj in a subwindow, enabling you to browse it and close when you're done with it.
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