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Date 2020-05-10.23:44:02
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Seem to not be in the new parser but simply in codeop in particular `def _maybe_compile`

The logic seem weird (but weird logic usually have a reason), it try to compile thrice by appending many `\n`.

1) Why do that and not return the first successful compile directly ? I'm not sure. 
2) It does compare the repr of error when  compile(source + "\n") and compile(source+'\n\n') and only raise if both are identical (which they are not in the new parser, they differ by `\n`...)

SyntaxError('invalid syntax', ('<input>', 1, 6, 'def a-b')) 
SyntaxError('invalid syntax', ('<input>', 1, 6, 'def a-b\n'))

This logic seem to go back to the 2000s.
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