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Following functions likely should be wrapped with "#ifndef Py_LIMITED_API":


It's already the case since at least Python 3.7. Extract of Python 3.7 Include/unicodeobject.h:

#ifndef Py_LIMITED_API
/* Return an interned Unicode object for an Identifier; may fail if there is no memory.*/
PyAPI_FUNC(PyObject*) _PyUnicode_FromId(_Py_Identifier*);
/* Clear all static strings. */
PyAPI_FUNC(void) _PyUnicode_ClearStaticStrings(void);

/* Fast equality check when the inputs are known to be exact unicode types
   and where the hash values are equal (i.e. a very probable match) */
PyAPI_FUNC(int) _PyUnicode_EQ(PyObject *, PyObject *);
#endif /* !Py_LIMITED_API */
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