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Date 2020-05-10.01:53:34
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How do you know that your reproducer is showing the same bug, or anything
related to signals? IIUC subprocess waiting by default doesn't involve a
signal handler.

On Sat, May 9, 2020, 14:40 Chris Jerdonek <> wrote:

> Chris Jerdonek <> added the comment:
> > this seems like an awful lot of energy to spend on some code
> that's not even used by default.
> True, but it seems likely to me that this signals :) a deeper, more
> general issue about CPython / signals (which is why I spent time on it).
> For example, my reproducer script doesn't use MultiLoopWatcher. I'd like to
> see if it can be reproduced with signals other than SIGCHLD, too.
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