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Author lys.nikolaou
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Date 2020-05-07.23:53:41
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> But if the col_offset points way past the text, what should happen? The clipping there seems reasonable.

Note that if a file is being parsed and not a string the behaviour is this:
╰─ cat -e
x = 1 | 2 |    $
╰─ ./python.exe
  File "/Users/lysnikolaou/repos/cpython/", line 1
    x = 1 | 2 |
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
╰─ ./python.exe -X oldparser
  File "/Users/lysnikolaou/repos/cpython/", line 1
    x = 1 | 2 |
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Would we want to also change this? If not, then I guess that we should as closely as possible match this behaviour with strings as well, which means not clipping.
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