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Date 2020-05-05.13:20:24
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Hello, this is my first python bug report!

I've been running builds of Python 3.7.x on CentOS Linux release 7.7 (64bit/Intel Core
2 Duo) 
and I ran into hangs with when using latest SSL 1.1.1d sources.

I've done a full compilation from source for Python 3.7.7 and SSL 1.1 in my

From what I can tell the problem is when SSL 1.1 is built with no threading
there is no locking enabled by python.

This one line change will make the hangs in  go away:

Index: Modules/_ssl.c

--- Modules/_ssl.c      (revision 70)
+++ Modules/_ssl.c      (working copy)
@@ -5875,7 +5875,7 @@
     if (!_setup_ssl_threads()) {
         return NULL;
     / OpenSSL 1.1.0 builtin thread support is enabled /

# endif

There appears to be an assumption in _ssl.c and test_ssl.y that SSL 1.1 will be
but this may not be true (as in my case).

Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
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