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Date 2020-05-05.06:31:17
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xml.etree.cElementTree should be treated in the same way as cStringIO and cPickle -- they where separate modules in the past, but now the acceleration is used by default in io.StringIO and pickle. It looks an oversign that it was not removed in 3.0.

xml.etree.cElementTree was deprecated since 3.3. I think 6 releases (3.3-3.8) is long enough period. It was not possible to emit a deprecation warning at runtime for reasons mentioned above. And we did not have deprecation warnings for cStringIO and cPickle for the same reasons.

defusedxml is the only known to me package which does not fall back to xml.etree.ElementTree. I hope it is easy to fix it. In Python xml.etree.cElementTree is the same as xml.etree.ElementTree, so you can just import xml.etree.ElementTree. And you can use the above mentioned idiom if you still support Python 2.
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