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Date 2020-05-01.16:08:40
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As to _why_ it's a false positive: at that point in the code, assuming 30-bit limbs and an IEEE 754 binary64 "double", we have (using Python notation for floor division)

    a_size == 1 + (a_bits - 1) // 30


    shift_digits == (a_bits - 55) // 30

from which it's clear that

    shift_digits <= (a_bits - 1) // 30 < a_size

so a_size - shift_digits is always strictly positive.

The above doesn't depend on the precise values 55 and 30 - any other positive values would have worked, so even with 15-bit digits and some other double format with fewer bits, we still have "shift_digits < a_size".

And now since the v_rshift call writes "a_size - shift_digits" digits to x, we're guaranteed that at least one digit is written, so `x[0]` is not uninitialised.
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