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> macOS was already non-voting (optional), no?

> Only because you complained about it here :) That was PR 18818

Alright, I forgot about the whole history. Well, it's not my fault if macOS decided to fail :-)

I did my part, I fixed os.getgrouplist() which started (!?) to fail on the macOS job of Azure (in fact, it was an old issue which wasn't noticed previously):

I'm not sure what to do with macOS job which never starts or fail with empty logs. I don't see what we can do on the Python side. It *seems* to be more on the Azure side which is a blackbox to me. Maybe Steve you may ask around you at Microsoft? If you feel that you can do something to unblock the situation, please open an issue.

Note: I would also prefer to have a voting macOS job, but it's not like I can fix the macOS job myself, so I let others handle this one ;-)
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