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Date 2020-04-30.23:10:27
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The Windows CI machines on Azure Pipelines run additional tests to check an "installed" layout and with the UWP entry point that's used for the Windows Store package.

These tests have been failing intermittently (though regularly) with a stack overflow crash in the PyPickler tests.


test_attribute_name_interning (test.test_pickle.PyPicklerTests) ... ok
  File "D:\a\1\b\layout-appx-amd64\lib\test\", line 3085 in __getattr__
  File "D:\a\1\b\layout-appx-amd64\lib\test\", line 3085 in __getattr__
  File "D:\a\1\b\layout-appx-amd64\lib\test\", line 3085 in __getattr__
  File "D:\a\1\b\layout-appx-amd64\lib\test\", line 3085 in __getattr__

I assume this is due to having more code on the start at the start, and so the recursion limit isn't low enough. But it might also be worth checking this particular case to see whether there is unnecessary data being kept on the stack (e.g. in local C variables).

The crash occurs in both 3.8 and master, but not 3.7.
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