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> Requests to change the workflow should be discussed on one of the core-workflow groups (I think Discourse is the primary one now, right?). Once an action is agreed upon, it gets tracked on the core-workflow tracker. That's how we decided to turn Travis off and Azure Pipelines on in the first place.


> Oh, and Victor, you should probably email python-dev to let everyone know you requested this change and it's been made. Otherwise people may be surprised that it changed without any discussion or notification.

I'm not sure of what you mean by "no discussion", this issue has many comments.

> This is especially important if we have to disable all platforms other than Linux to avoid blocking PRs.

I would be more confident if we could make at least one Windows job mandatory.

I have no opinion on msg363405, so I'm fine with Brett choice ("we have to just rely on people paying attention to failures").

I don't know how to modify the Windows job to do nothing if it's a documentation change only.

macOS was already non-voting (optional), no?
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