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Author pitrou
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Date 2020-04-28.10:43:09
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I can reproduce on Ubuntu 18.04 with git master.

Here is a better example which clearly shows the issue:

After a few runs, you'll see that the child Process hangs when trying to flush the standard streams:
Timeout (0:00:01)!
Thread 0x00007efbff6c0080 (most recent call first):
  File "/home/antoine/cpython/default/Lib/multiprocessing/", line 435 in _flush_std_streams
  File "/home/antoine/cpython/default/Lib/multiprocessing/", line 335 in _bootstrap
  File "/home/antoine/cpython/default/Lib/multiprocessing/", line 71 in _launch
  File "/home/antoine/cpython/default/Lib/multiprocessing/", line 19 in __init__
  File "/home/antoine/cpython/default/Lib/multiprocessing/", line 276 in _Popen
  File "/home/antoine/cpython/default/Lib/multiprocessing/", line 224 in _Popen
  File "/home/antoine/cpython/default/Lib/multiprocessing/", line 121 in start
  File "/home/antoine/cpython/default/", line 25 in <module>
Child process failed!

@Delgan, mixing processes and threads is problematic with the default settings.  See here:

"""Note that safely forking a multithreaded process is problematic."""

If you call `multiprocessing.set_start_method("forkserver")` at the start of your program, the problem will disappear.
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