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Date 2020-04-27.12:26:06
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> Serhiy: would it be possible to fix this issue in alpha6? Can we merge PR 19414? In the lack of reply, I think that the best to merge PR 19414.

I asked Lukasz (Python 3.9 release manager) in private and he is ok to merge this PR. He plans to wait until Refleak buildbots turn green again before tagging Python 3.9.0alpha6.

> I do not think it is right. Please wait, I'll submit an alternate solution.

Serhiy: I merged Pablo's PR to unblock Refleak buildbots, but I'm still curious to see what you have to propose. We can still change the code before 3.9.0beta1.

Don't hesitate to propose your PR! (your PR will have to revert commit 0169d3003be3d072751dd14a5c84748ab63a249f).


Pablo: would you mind to write a NEWS entry (in the C API category) for your change? IMHO the commit title is good enough to be reused as the NEWS entry. I added "skip news" label just to unblock buildbots.
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