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I'm trying to understand how "portable" is it to expose OpenSSL FIPS_mode() as hashlib.get_fips_mode() which would return a boolean (True or False).

It seems like FIPS is more complex than that. Other crypto libraries which implement FIPS have a different way to expose FIPS mode to the consumer of the API:

* NSS seems to have a different API for functions in FIPS mode:
* GnuTLS provides gnutls_fips140_mode_enabled() which returns an unsigned integer: "return non-zero if true or zero if false"
* Gcrypt doesn't seem to expose a function to know if FIPS is enabled or not. It also has an "Enforced FIPS" mode:


* Bouncy Castle has a "FIPS provider": an object should be requested in FIPS mode

See also RHEL 8 Security Hardening documentation, "Chapter 3. Using system-wide cryptographic policies":

For my needs (skip tests which are not relevant in FIPS mode), it seems like keeping the function private in _hashlib.get_fips_mode() is enough.

My plan is to use it in as function which would return False if _hashlib.get_fips_mode() is missing.
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