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> I'm fine with a used_for_security flag and functions to get/set FIPS state. Something like hashlib.get_fips_mode() is useful for testing.

I proposed PR 19703 to expose OpenSSL FIPS_mode() as hashlib.get_fips_mode().

FIPS support was introduced in version 0.9.7 of OpenSSL and so is available in the minimum OpenSSL required to build Python 3.9.

LibreSSL doesn't have FIPS_mode() on purpose. Ted Unangst wrote: "I figured I should mention our current libressl policy wrt FIPS mode.  It's gone and it's not coming back."

My plan is to use hashlib.get_fips_mode() to skip a few tests if the FIPS mode is enabled. Simple example: test_crypt.test_methods() checks that self.assertEqual(crypt.methods[-1], crypt.METHOD_CRYPT). Except that in FIPS mode, METHOD_CRYPT is not available since it's too weak (3DES if I recall correctly). I would like to skip this test in FIPS mode.

My colleague Chalampos also plans to add a FIPS enabled buildbot running RHEL8 to ensure that the Python test suite pass in FIPS mode, and detect regressions in FIPS mode.
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