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Date 2020-04-14.13:55:00
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>> This isn't actually about removing immortal objects, but removing *mutable*
>> objects that would be shared between subinterpreters. Making some objects
>> immortal, such as interned strings or stateless singletons, would actually
>> benefit this work, as they could then be safely shared between
>> subinterpreters.
> From what I understood, we simply cannot share any object (mutable or not)
> between two subinterpreters. Otherwise, we will need to put a lock on all
> Py_INCREF/Py_DECREF operation which would kill performances of running
> multiple interpreters in parallel. Join bpo-39511 discussion.

That thread consists of everyone else telling you what I've just told you. Not sure that me telling you as well is going to help ;)
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