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Date 2020-04-14.08:58:34
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you can add 
* -- Python 3.8.x 

(wasm not asm.js, clang-10+ required)


CPython can already run in the browser with very little patching, but major issues are :
 - asyncify'ing the whole wasm VM to have pre-emption over cPython's one to prevent blocking I/O slows down things *a lot* (10x)
=> (very?) bad user experience.

 - the size of vm + stdlib  ~ 30 MiB and wasm compilation time.
=> bad user experience on first load or slow connexion.

 - the lack of threading in wasm MinimumViableProduct specification (but this is the browser standard for now), that leads to rewrite bits of stdlib ( like eg asyncio module )
=> adding more maintenance burden on stdlib (!)

i tested them all and my personnal opinion is : I can see no use case that would favour "stock" cPython wasm versus a blazing fast MicroPytho (or pycopy) wasm flavour or supercharged full stack pyodide.
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