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Author rdbisme
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Date 2020-04-13.01:53:25
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I just tested on a fresh macOS 10.15.3 Virtual Machine (on the same host machine as the one of previous messages) and I can reproduce the problem: 

1. Install Command Line Tools (xcode-build --install)
2. Download Python 3.8.1
3. Extract tarball
4. Create a file with the following python code
import subprocess["./configure"])["make", "-j4"])
and save it in the Python-3.8.1 source tree
6. Create a venv doing `python -m venv venv` in the source tree
7. Activate the virtual env `source venv/bin/activate`
5. Run it doing `python3`

The build fails with the error described before. 

If you now, instead, run the make directly `make -j8` the buids proceeds as expected.
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