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Author rdbisme
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Date 2020-04-12.11:04:21
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This problem is driving me crazy. I'm working with a library (python-for-android) that builds python during a build process. 

Now, during this process, the classical workflow with `./configure` and `make` is being called from a subprocess. To try to isolate the issue, I call `make` to build Python from a file, let's call it ``, in the source tree, where I simply do (after running `./configure`, manually or from a subprocess):

import subprocess;["make", "-j8"])

I get the following error: 

/opt/local/bin/ranlib: file: libpython3.8.a(dynamic_annotations.o) has no symbols
/opt/local/bin/ranlib: file: libpython3.8.a(pymath.o) has no symbols
gcc     -Wl,-stack_size,1000000  -framework CoreFoundation -o python.exe Programs/python.o libpython3.8.a -ldl   -framework CoreFoundation
gcc     -Wl,-stack_size,1000000  -framework CoreFoundation -o Programs/_testembed Programs/_testembed.o libpython3.8.a -ldl   -framework CoreFoundation
./python.exe -E -S -m sysconfig --generate-posix-vars ;\
        if test $? -ne 0 ; then \
                echo "generate-posix-vars failed" ; \
                rm -f ./pybuilddir.txt ; \
                exit 1 ; \
 CC='gcc' LDSHARED='gcc -bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup    ' OPT='-DNDEBUG -g -fwrapv -O3 -Wall'      _TCLTK_INCLUDES='' _TCLTK_LIBS=''       ./python.exe -E ./  build

Is this a bug of my OS, my env configuration, venv/virtualenv, Python makefile or, most probably, myself? 

I attached the log files from the following runs: 
- make from the shell without virtualenv (`make.log`)
- make from shell within virtualenv (`make.venv.log`)
- make from python subprocess without virtualenv (``)
- make from python subprocess within a virtualenv creted with pew (`
- make from python subprocess within a virtualenv created with venv (``)

My system details:

macOS 10.15.4

Steps to reproduce: 

1. Download Python-3.8.2
2. Extract the tgz
3. Run ./configure
4. cat `` in the source tree where `` is:
import subprocess["env"])["make", "-j8"])
5. Run python
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