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Author Henry Carscadden
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Date 2020-04-10.04:10:15
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Hey, Tim, I just wanted a note of clarification. I was working on an approximation algorithm for a network science tool that is being released soon. Initially, I relied on itertools.product(), but when I moved to testing on non-trivial graphs, I immediately had Out of Memory Errors. This was even on the nodes with large memories on the computing cluster that I was using. The issue is a lot of extra lists are added as the number of iterables passed product grows although the actual number of elements in the iterables is relatively small. 
Here is the workaround that I used to handle many arguments:

def product(*args) -> Iterable:
    Takes in several iterables and returns a generator
    that yields the cartesian product of the elements in the iterables
    :param args: sets which you would like the cartesian product of
    :return: generator
    if len(args) == 1 and type(args) == list:
        return args
    numArgs = len(args)
    indices = np.zeros(numArgs, dtype=np.uint)
    checkLen = len(args[0])
    while indices[0] < checkLen:
        curr_term = [args[0][indices[0]]]
        for i in range(1, numArgs):
        indices[-1] += np.uint(1)
        for i in range(1, numArgs):
            updated = False
            if indices[-i] >= len(args[-i]):
                indices[-i] = np.uint(0)
                indices[-i - 1] += np.uint(1)
                updated = True
            if not updated:
        yield curr_term
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