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> Why are we pinning to 1.8.2 when the official docs builds for all releases are currently using 2.3.1?  (see, for example, at bottom right corner)

First of all, to repair the CI :-) Before my change, it was no longer possible to merge any change in 3.8! (I didn't check for 3.7, but I expect that it wasn't possible neither).

Second, 1.8.2 version comes from the CI configuration:

$ grep -i sphinx== .travis.yml .azure-pipelines/* Doc/Makefile 
.travis.yml:        - python -m pip install sphinx==1.8.2 blurb
.azure-pipelines/docs-steps.yml:- script: python -m pip install sphinx==1.8.2 blurb python-docs-theme
Doc/Makefile:	$(VENVDIR)/bin/python3 -m pip install -U Sphinx==1.8.2 blurb

If Sphinx version is changed in Doc/Makefile, I would prefer to also update the version in the CI configuration.

I also vaguely recall discussions about issues with newer Sphinx. I don't recall if it was 2.0 or another version. Julien Palard may recall that better than me! Was it bpo-35472?


I don't really care of the Sphinx version, I only care about working CI and consistency between all pinned versions ;-)


By the way, maybe Doc/Makefile could use the latest Sphinx version by default, and the Python CI could use a pinned version. The problem is that the Sphinx version cannot be configured currently when running "make venv".

Oh, .travis.yml is differecen between 3.7 and 3.8.

3.8 and master use "make -C Doc/ PYTHON=../python venv".

3.7 doesn't use "make venv" but:

    - cd Doc
    # Sphinx is pinned so that new versions that introduce new warnings won't suddenly cause build failures.
    # (Updating the version is fine as long as no warnings are raised by doing so.)
    - python -m pip install sphinx==1.8.2 blurb
    - make check suspicious html SPHINXOPTS="-q -W -j4"

Maybe 3.7 should mimick what is done in 3.8 and master to ease maintenance. I don't know.
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