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Date 2020-04-10.00:18:58
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> The following macros rely on PyGC_Head: (...)

I already moved them to the internal C API in commit  1a6be91e6fd65ce9cb88cbbbb193db7e92ec6076 of bpo-35081.

But Stefan Behnel reported that it breaks Cython:

"Making _PyGC_FINALIZED() internal broke Cython ( It's used in the finaliser implementation (, to determine if an object for which tp_dealloc() is called has already been finalised or whether we have to do it. I'm not sure how to deal with this on our side now. Any clue?"

So I simply reverted (partially) this change: commit 3e21ad1a254cc33e8d4920ad7f026254ec728bee.
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