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Author Eric Cousineau
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Date 2020-04-09.15:00:31
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Motivated by this downstream project issue that I am working on:

In, I encountered PEP 442's updated resurrection behavior when moving from supporting Python 2 to Python 3.
There, Antoine Pitrou (pitrou) said that using this API (finalized + set finalized) could work, but that I could also try recreating the wrapper object. I have not yet attempted his suggestion given that (a) wrapping code is nuanced (pybind11, inheritance, etc.) and (b) this API has been working for us for the past 2 years.

Related to this, I saw some mentions of breakage of Cython due to its usage of this API:
The breakage was mitigated by keeping this internal API exposed (so kinda public, but not really?).

Is it at all possible to considering making some of this public API?
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