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In section "6.10.1 Value comparisons", it is written:

"The not-a-number values float('NaN') and decimal.Decimal('NaN') are
special. Any ordered comparison of a number to a not-a-number value is
false. A counter-intuitive implication is that not-a-number values are
not equal to themselves. For example, if x = float('NaN'), 3 < x, x <
3, x == x, x != x are all false. This behavior is compliant with IEEE

Last comparison "x != x" does not return False, it returns True. Here is the output from my iPython interpeter I am using on Arch Linux (latest as of today):

In [86]: x == y
Out[86]: False

In [87]: x != y
Out[87]: True

I verified the bug it on Wikipedia too:
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