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s I have tried to workout a solution for the problem. Below is my observation and possible solution.


Exception occurs for the above line if the system fails to find both drive and the path that follows it.

A 'FileNotFoundError' exception is thrown. If we can handle this exception and return false for method ismount(), then problem can be resolved.

I changed the existing code ismount method and it is working.
Existing code=>
    if _getvolumepathname:
        return path.rstrip(seps) == _getvolumepathname(path).rstrip(seps)
        return False

Changed Code=>
    if _getvolumepathname:
            return path.rstrip(seps) == _getvolumepathname(path).rstrip(seps)
        except FileNotFoundError:
            return False

Please check, if this solution is correct.
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