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Date 2020-03-27.16:25:11
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Run only appears on the main menu of editor windows, not Shell or Output windows.  If it does not appear, that would be a major bug.  But I have no problem with 3.8.2 on Win10 Pro.

If you do not have Run in an editor, or do but do not have Run Module or Run Customized on the Run menu, please supply much more detailed information.
1. How are you installing python?  From the installer (which one)?  From the Window store?  From a 3rd party installer (which one)?
2. How do you start IDLE?
3. What does Help => About IDLE say about the tk version?
4. How do you get an editor window?  What do you see on the menu?  If Run appears, what happens when you click it?
5. Start IDLE from Command Prompt with "py -3.8 -m idlelib".  Do you ever see any error messages?
6. Have you touched any files in Lib/idlelib?
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