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Date 2020-03-26.13:52:43
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Back again - I understood a lot less then, maybe more now..

iirc, get_platform() asin sysconfig.get_platform() and distutils.util.get_platform() are suppposed to return a suitable PEP425 tag that identifies the ABI of the running interpreter - eg.g, 32-bit even though operating on 64-bot OS and hardware.

As far as AIX goes, for years this was not the case. More recently (for Python 3.9) the logic has been added so that the bitness of the interpreter can be identified.

i.e., on AIX `get_platform()` now returns:
'aix-5307-0747-64' - where the 64 (or 32) identifies the bitness of the interpreter.

So, my question now - are the PEP425 tags returned by other platforms adequate? If yes, then I see little reason to not close this issue as resolved (elsewhere).
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