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Date 2020-03-26.01:18:45
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I'm unable to reproduce the crash on Fedora 31.

A crash during a garbage collection usually means that there is a corrupted object somewhere, and suddenly, we discover the inconsistent. The crash can be far from where the inconsistency was created.

You may try python3.7 -X dev which might provide more information. The best would be to test a Python 3.9 compiled in debug mode.

The file of Python binding of protobuf has an optional --cpp_implementation option to build C++ extension modules. It seems like they are not built by default. I'm not sure if this bug requires these C++ extension modules, or if they must miss.

It seems like "pip install protobuf" installs protobuf without these C++ extension modules.

See also to debug a crash.

It's likely a bug in protobuf, rather than a bug in Python itself. I close the issue.
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