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Where would we like to put this information?

My proposal would be to add this in a combination of places:

1. Add a further note near the symlinks on Windows comment in this document: `Doc\using\`

2. Add a blurb in the Activate.ps1 script itself, so that any user can see it very near where the problem might occur. `Lib\venv\scripts\common\Activate.ps1`

I'd probably put something like the following in there:

.. note::
   On Microsoft Windows, it may be required to enable the ``Activate.ps1``
   script by setting the execution policy for the user. You can do this by
   issuing the following Powershell command from a Powershell command window:

   PS C:\Users\user> Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser

   See `About Execution Policies 
   for more information.


(This would exist as a ".Notes" section in the Activate.ps1 script)

What do folks think?
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