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Author tim.peters
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Date 2020-03-23.01:47:09
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I have scant memory of working on this code.  But back then Python wasn't at all keen to enforce type checking in harmless contexts.  If, e.g., someone found it convenient to pass integers that happened to be in float format to randrange(), why not?  Going "tsk, tsk, tsk" won't help them get their work done ;-)

If we were restarting from scratch, I'd be happy enough to say "screw floats here - _and_ screw operator.index() - this function requires ints, period".  But, as is, I see insufficient benefit to potentially making code that's been working fine for decades "deprecated".

Yes, I realize the code may eventually become marginally faster then.  That doesn't, to my eyes, outweigh the certainty of annoying some users.
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