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Date 2020-03-19.09:35:58
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Currently, when you do a Web search (e.g. using Google, Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, et al.) for a Python module or function call you'll find a link to the related Python 2 documentation first.

How to reproduce:

1. Search for simply "os.environ" in your favorite search engine.
2. Find a link to the Python documentation in the first 3 results. Typically, this will point to the Python 2 docs first.

(Side note: Google seems to now actively manipulate the results ranking Python 3 results higher. Apparently, this is the only popular search engine behaving like that.)

Expected result:

- When searching for Python modules, functions, builtins, etc. on the Web, no search results for Python 2 should pop up at all if the same content exists for Python 3

Possible implementation:

- Add a "noindex" meta tag to the header of the generated HTML documentation
- see
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