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Author corona10
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Date 2020-03-17.13:58:06
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frozenset is the last basic builtin collection which is not applied to this improvement yet.
frozenset also show similar performance improvement by using vectorcall

pyperf compare_to master.json bpo-37207.json
Mean +- std dev: [master] 2.26 us +- 0.06 us -> [bpo-37207] 2.06 us +- 0.05 us: 1.09x faster (-9%) 

> What I mean is that vectorcall should not be used for everything

I definitely agree with this opinion. So I ask your opinion before submit the patch.
frozenset is not frequently used than the list/set/dict.
but frozenset is also the basic builtin collection, IMHO it is okay to apply vectorcall.

What do you think?
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