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Date 2020-03-13.16:08:24
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I tested to build numpy with an opaque PyThreadState. First issue, Plex gets the current interpreter using PyThreadState.interp:

    /tmp/pip-install-aq60p8w2/Cython/Cython/Plex/Scanners.c:7447:73: erreur: déréférencement d'un pointeur du type incomplet « PyThreadState » {alias « struct _ts »}
     7447 |     PY_INT64_T current_id = PyInterpreterState_GetID(PyThreadState_Get()->interp);

We should add a PyThreadState_GetInterpreter(tstate) getter. faulthandler_py_enable() would use it for example.

Maybe _PyInterpreterState_Get() can be used, but it's a private function. There are also _PyThreadState_UncheckedGet() and _PyGILState_GetInterpreterStateUnsafe() which are worse: don't check for NULL pointers.
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