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> our unittest assuming that b'\xf0' should be true when interpreted as a bool is wrong.
> just get rid of that value from the loop in the test?

That could be the proper thing to do, but it does make it easy to invoke C undefined behavior from Python code. AFAIK, it would be the only such place in the struct module.

So, I'd like to assume and assert/test that sizeof(_Bool) is 1 and the false bit-pattern is (char)0, and with that, just use `PyBool_FromLong((_Bool)*p != 0)`.

> maybe we should be raising an error if the bytes are not a valid platform _Bool pattern?

That's quite hard to test for.
Also, on all current supported platforms, the patterns for bool and char 0 and 1 are the same. I don't see this being different elsewhere, but if there ever is a such a platform, let the test catch the broken assumption.
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