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Author vstinner
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Date 2020-03-09.23:28:59
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I added PyInterpreterState.runtime in bpo-36710:

commit 01b1cc12e7c6a3d6a3d27ba7c731687d57aae92a
Author: Victor Stinner <>
Date:   Wed Nov 20 02:27:56 2019 +0100

    bpo-36710: Add PyInterpreterState.runtime field (GH-17270)
    Add PyInterpreterState.runtime field: reference to the _PyRuntime
    global variable. This field exists to not have to pass runtime in
    addition to tstate to a function.  Get runtime from tstate:
    Remove "_PyRuntimeState *runtime" parameter from functions already
    taking a "PyThreadState *tstate" parameter.
    _PyGC_Init() first parameter becomes "PyThreadState *tstate".


> This change introduced a regression:

Funny/not funny, I introduced the same bug and I fixed it in bpo-39877.
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