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> I have created my draft with an example but I am confused about where exactly do I have to add the code and push it.

> I have cloned these two repositories in my system and setup everything:

Great! It's not necessary to clone the devguide though; CPython is the only one you're going to edit.

Make sure you've "forked" the repo on GitHub, and are working on a local clone of your fork. Otherwise things will be trickier.

> 1. Please tell me where I should be adding my code. Do I have to add code here and push it?

Yes, you'll add the new documentation to line 1652, where the "TODO" comment is. You should make the changes in your own fork of the repo, and push. Then you'll be ready for a PR.

> 2. I am working on the master branch only. Is there any specific branch I have to select?

Working from master in your own fork is fine, but frequent contributors often prefer to branch from master and work on those branches instead.

The pages I've linked to in the devguide walk you through every step of making a PR (including an intro on how to use Git). If it's easier for you, though, you can attach a copy of your edits to this issue and I can make a PR on your behalf. I just wouldn't count on repeating that workflow if you plan on contributing in the future; regular contributors should feel comfortable branching, committing, opening a PR, etc.
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