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Date 2020-03-04.02:01:24
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I think we are speaking past each other. 

Yes, Python 2 is no longer being changed, which is awesome as we need for fear breakage of the older builds that use that for the build system.

The issue isn't the particular language feature, or that there is no way to further adapt code, but that a valid build script that operates correctly on Python 3.8 will no longer, without warning to us, operate on Python 2.9 or at best 2.10. 

Thankfully the only Samba versions with support for Python3 are still in maintenance, so course I've back-ported patches to the tip of each release branch to work around this change.  But again, that doesn't help when I need to build an arbitrary git revision in the future. 

(That warnings were available, if we knew were to look, is an entirely moot point at this stage).
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