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Date 2020-03-02.17:45:02
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> While we are of course able to patch new versions of Samba, this will make it harder to bisect back though Samba history.

I don't understand the bisect part. Would you mind to elaborate? What do you want to bisect?

>  It would be really great if this kind of change could be reverted or at least deferred so Samba can rely on a stable language platform for it's build system.

The "U" mode was deprecated since September 2012 (Python 3.3): you had 8 years to handle the DeprecationWarning. 8 years before actually removing a deprecated feature sounds like a stable language platform to me.

I'm not sure of the benefit of deferring the change. Does it mean that Sambda would not be updated?

Well, your comment fits exactly into bpo-39674 scope, except that revert the "U" mode is not scheduled yet.
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