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> I'm not convinced that a multi-threaded fork()+exec() from C would be any better, unless the Python code goes to great lengths to avoid any non-async-signal-safe operations between the fork() and the exec().

That's exactly what the C code in the C subprocess module for POSIX does, though:

That's why I hope that using subprocess instead of a fork()+exec() sequence naively coded in pure Python would solve the issue.


> I can sort of see why you consider the small example a red herring, since it mixes threads and fork

Perhaps "red herring" was the wrong expression.  What I mean is that it's no surprise that fork()+exec() sequence written in pure Python would be unsafe in multi-thread settings.  The solution, though, is not to avoid threads or try to workaround the issue in ThreadPoolExecutor, but rather to avoid doing fork()+exec() in pure Python.
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