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Date 2020-02-26.23:00:35
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I have pushed an update to my PR. While implementing the new solution I made the following list:

Examples for code segments where KeyboardInterrupt must not be raised:
 - Between popping and running a handle from the ready queue (a handle is lost)
 - After running a handle and before a subsequent call_soon finished running (the handle that should have been added by call_soon is lost)
 - After a handle is popped from the _scheduled heap and added to the _ready queue (a handle is lost)

Code segments where KeyboardInterrupt must be raised:
 - During the select call (can be achieved using signal.default_int_handler or signal.set_wakeup_fd)
 - During a running callback (can be achieved using signal.default_int_handler)

I think that while the loop is running, the signal handler should not raise a KeyboardInterrupt by default, as there are at least 3 unsafe code segments, and more might be added in the future. Currently, the only two segments that have to be directly interrupted by a SIGINT are the ones listed above, and I think this behavior should be allowed explicitly.
This is what I did in the new revision of my PR.
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