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I agree with Jan-Philip Gehrcke, would have been nice to have had this.

Pretty pissed reading through this ancient issue.

In regards to how people treat other volunteers: We're all working for free, and I think expectations from people with authoritative powers must have room for accepting a initially lower contribution standard than they themselves claim to produce. Mainly to not crush the will to help and contibute, but also because the attitude could be a lot better towards fellow programmers. It would also allow for a more iterative process in achieving higher standards. Otherwise you limit yourself to a very select few in the contribution process. Not to mention a lot of "grunt work" could be done by people having an idea, but not nessecarily the same "academic background" in terms of producing perfect code.

I've seen this across numerous Open Source projects, and quite frankly it deter me from ever contributing. PoC code shouldn't be seen as garbage, but a first step in creating new fresh things. Someone with more knowledge should and could step in and clean up things that are deamed "unfit" for production or help said contributor to understanding why certain things needs to be improved, not just blatently say patches needs to be improved.

This whole "It ain't perfect, we don't touch it" is elitism at it's finest. Stop it, and have a meaningful discussion instead.
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