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Date 2020-02-25.06:29:00
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My current PR plans are:

- Docs. This will include the dict docs and the whatsnew 3.9. I assume we have no plans to cover this in the tutorials, etc. Let me know if I'm missing anything here.
- collections.defaultdict, with tests. I don't think this needs docs beyond a short "changed in version 3.9" note.
- collections.OrderedDict, with tests. Ditto defaultdict on docs.
- collections.ChainMap, ditto.
- types.MappingProxy, ditto.

I'll also create a BPO issue to discuss whether the dict subclasses in http.cookies should be updated.

That should do it for CPython; I'm planning on updating typeshed and adding a handful of tests to mypy for TypedDict, etc. after these are landed.

Guido, okay to tag you on these for review?
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