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Date 2020-02-21.15:58:28
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In I read "If this locale includes an encoding all strings containing month and weekday names will be returned as unicode."

`unicode` here is a mention of the `unicode` type from Python 2 which does no longer exists, so the whole sentence can just be removed.

It happen also in the next paragraph, and twice in Lib/

In Python 2:

>>> print type(calendar.LocaleTextCalendar(locale="C").formatmonth(2020, 1))
<type 'str'>
>>> print type(calendar.LocaleTextCalendar(locale="en_US.UTF8").formatmonth(2020, 1))
<type 'unicode'>

In Python 3:

>>> print(type(calendar.LocaleTextCalendar(locale="C").formatmonth(2020, 1)))
<class 'str'>
>>> print(type(calendar.LocaleTextCalendar(locale="en_US.UTF8").formatmonth(2020, 1)))
<class 'str'>
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