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Author Nathan.Goldbaum
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Date 2020-02-19.21:44:28
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So I *think* I've pieced together what caused the user crash that originated in the flair library. It turns out that pickle.load, via torch.load, is getting passed an mmap.mmap.

Since mmap doesn't implement readinto, pickle.load objects as of Python 3.8. This is new behavior in Python3.8, it used to be possible to load a memory-mapped pickle file.

Short repro script:

import pickle
import mmap
data = "some data"

with open('my_data.pkl', 'wb') as f:
    pickle.dump(data, f)

with open("my_data.pkl", "r+b") as f_in:
    mm = mmap.mmap(f_in.fileno(), 0)


On Python3.8, this script prints an error, on Python3.7 it prints "some data".
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