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It is not a duplicate of bpo-37945. The tests in test/ need to be fixed to work with Windows. 

In msg354021, I discussed the problem reported with test_lc_numeric_localeconv. The "ps_AF" (Pashto, Afghanistan) item in known_numerics has to be skipped in Windows because the system data does not agree with the test's assumed Arabic decimal and thousands separator, U+066B and U+066C, but instead uses "," and ".".
Also, all tests need to swap the order of setting LC_NUMERIC and LC_CTYPE in order to avoid a UnicodeDecodeError with locales that use UTF-8, such as "ka_GE". _locale.localeconv should be using the wide-character_W_ prefixed string fields from the lconv structure in Windows [1], such as _W_decimal_point. Until that gets fixed, tests need to be mindful that ucrt in Windows uses the current LC_CTYPE to update the multibyte strings in the lconv structure when setting LC_NUMERIC. So they should be changed as a pair, with LC_CTYPE set first.

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