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Date 2020-02-10.21:16:56
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Serhiy, do you know anything about the tkinter.font.families() tuple having duplicate names?  It strikes me as an OS or tk error.

On Windows, the tuple has groups of related names with a base name, such as 'Segoe UI' both alone and with suffixes, such as 'light', 'black', and 'symbol'.  I wonder if on Fedora 31 the duplicates are related names with the suffixes somehow left off.  Cheryl, do you see any of the above duplicated names de-duplicated on Ubuntu with suffixes?

Whether the duplicates are true duplicates, (same family repeated) or mistakes (related families missing suffixes), they should be useless to the user.  Clicking or scrolling through the duplicates should not change the font sample as 'Font(family=dupname)' will not change.

Victor, your example does not create a Listbox, so that cannot be the issue.  The only change to ConfigDialog when testing is that it is not made modal.  What puzzles me is that test_fontlist_key starts by explicitly activating the first font on the list, so that the first test on the Fedora machine should be 'Android Emoji' != 'Abyssinica SIL'.  Perhaps there is a bug in the tk on that machine.

Carol Willing merged the PR before I could review and edit.  I will add a follow-up after getting backport to work.
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