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On Windows, names get a "_d" suffix for debug. Extract of

    def get_libraries(self, ext):
        """Return the list of libraries to link against when building a
        shared extension.  On most platforms, this is just 'ext.libraries';
        on Windows, we add the Python library (eg. python20.dll).
        # The python library is always needed on Windows.  For MSVC, this
        # is redundant, since the library is mentioned in a pragma in
        # pyconfig.h that MSVC groks.  The other Windows compilers all seem
        # to need it mentioned explicitly, though, so that's what we do.
        # Append '_d' to the python import library on debug builds.
        if sys.platform == "win32":
            from distutils._msvccompiler import MSVCCompiler
            if not isinstance(self.compiler, MSVCCompiler):
                template = "python%d%d"
                if self.debug:
                    template = template + '_d'
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